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Bristol Close the Door  Campaign

The Close the Door Campaign began in Bristol in 2010 and is part of Bristol's European Green Capital campaign.

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 Bristol Close the Door is challenging the design skills of the city’s schoolchildren in two competitions. This is a great opportunity for teachers and pupils, or pack leaders and brownies and cubs, to engage with the issues of climate change and social responsibility and have fun at the same time. The imagination and ingenuity of today's schoolchildren will be vital assets in creating a sustainable future. We are encouraging them to practice these skills now on this example of waste on the high street.

Children are being asked to design a poster to explain to customers why the doors to a particular shop are being kept closed and the benefits of closing the door to save energy. The winning posters will be displayed in the windows of shops that have committed to the campaign.

We are also asking pupils to come up with interesting new designs to keep the heat inside shops that don’t have any doors at all.


Winners will be chosen on 9 November 2015. They will receive gift vouchers and so will the school or brownie/cub pack with the most entries.

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Alistair Sawday, Author, Sawday's Guides
"If you have never been astonished by the gales of heated air emerging from the open doors of expensively heated shops, then you might have a look at your own energy bills!

Most of us now have developed a little environmental awareness, and care about this - but how rarely do we do anything about it? It is thus a delight to hear of the recent Park St success of the Close the Door campaign.  All power to their elbows, and I wish them a rich encylopaedia of street names to add to this one."

Kevin McCloud, Presenter, Grand Designs

‘All shops should sign up to the Close the Door Campaign. Leaving the door open in winter to heat the street can double energy consumption and make a pretty job of just heating the planet.  So just close the door, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, halve energy bills, and make customers and staff more comfortable into the bargain"

Stephen Williams (Lib Dem) former MP Bristol West


"I am delighted that the Close the Door campaign has come to Bristol. We all need to do our bit to save energy in order to reduce the risk of climate change.  As winter and Christmas shopping will soon be upon us I urge all Bristol shop keepers and retailers to endorse the Close the Door campaign, saving energy and giving a positive message to their customers  at the busiest time of the retail year."

Kerry McCarthy MP (Lab) for Bristol East
"It is vital that we all take whatever steps we can to reduce our own carbon emissions and raise awareness of the need to do so.  By making this one small change, retailers will not only be helping the environment, but also reducing their fuel bills.  I am therefore backing the Close the Door Campaign and will be doing what I can to encourage local people and businesses to take part." 
Dawn Primarolo (Lab) former MP for Bristol South

"I think it’s a good idea to encourage retailers to close their doors where it’s possible and practical for them to do so.  We’re all being encouraged to save energy for the sake of the environment and I’m very happy to support the aims of the Close the Door campaign."

Charlotte Leslie MP (Con) for Bristol North West

"I am very pleased to support the campaign. Closing the door in a shop is such a simple thing to do but it can make a huge difference to energy conservation. Shopkeepers will save on their energy bill and also do their bit to combat climate change, one of the most important challenges we face today. I will be encouraging businesses in my constituency to take part in the Close the Door Campaign with the simple message, "Close that door"!"IMG_4498.JPG

Barbara Janke (Lib Dem) former Bristol City Council leader

"All initiatives to tackle climate change by reducing energy and carbon consumption are welcome. We support the aims of Close the Door and hope stores consider reviewing their present arrangements to save energy while continuing, of course, to remain fully accessible."

Andrew Hufford, former Commercial Director of St Peter's Hospice

"St Peters commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly retailing is demonstrated each year by the sheer volume of secondhand goods it recycles through its chain of Bristol based shops. It was only natural therefore that we would do all we could to support the Close the Door campaign which has similar green concerns and principles to ourselves." 

St Peter's Hospice have joined the campaign with their 50 charity shops. Sadly, under their new manager they no longer take part but many of their managers still Close their Doors!


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