Climate Week Best Campaign 2012


boots.pngAlliance Boots does a great job for the most part on keeping doors closed when using energy to heat or cool the shop. This is because the welfare of their many staff, as well as playing a positive part in the local communities in which they serve, is intrinsic to their core values. So the aims of the campaign are completely in tune. The campaign looks forward to the last few store managers running 'rogue' to a sensible door policy being brought in by a group policy statement - then Alliance Boots CSR policy will properly match with store practice.

typhoon.jpgThe link between events such as Typhoons Haiyan and Katrina and climate change is clearly explained by Dr Peter Stott, lead author on IPCC report, on Radio 4 Today programme,12/11/13 (6.53.39 am). His conclusion: events are directly affected by climate change which causes increases in force and severity.

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Typhoon Haiyan

Posted by admin on November 20, 2013

Haiyan_J.jpgThe extreme force of Typhoon Haiyan over the Philippines 8/11/13 is a foretaste of what to expect as the climate changes. Wasting energy contributes to making life a misery, and worse, for millions.

Camden and Islington Air Pollution Summit

Posted by admin on November 20, 2013

camden_logo.pngThe campaign attended the Camden and Islington Air Pollution Summit on 17/10/13. This growing issue has a huge impact, particularly on staff/customers in shops on busy streets where the open door to an otherwise often unventilated space creates a hot box of pollution of particles that are too small to see and are tasteless and odourless - not to mention what your senses do pick up from exhaust fumes. Pollution is very widespread across all our towns and cities now but closing the door will help reduce the effect in shops. The shops will also produce less pollution from using energy themselves if they are not heating/cooling the street.

See map of London's wasted heat

Posted by admin on November 20, 2013

london-wasted-heat-map.pngAs we head into the cold season this is even more chilling - mapping london blog