Climate Week Best Campaign 2012

LSx event on air pollution

LSx.jpgOn 4/11/13, the campaign attended the LSx (London Sustainability Exchange) event on air pollution. Kings College London scientists with cutting edge research on air pollution, Clean Air in London and many more were represented. Did you know that nano particles in air are not visible, are tasteless and odourless but pose a serious long term health hazard? Or that pollution levels across the London regularly exceed maximum safe levels? Or that taking children to school by car exposes them to very high levels of air pollution? Or that you can get a current index of pollution levels street by street across London so that you can plan a walking/cycling route to avoid the worst - see the iphone app?

Close the Door was there to learn more about air pollution in the high street and how high levels affect retail units/staff re the door being kept open. The campaign now strongly advises shutting the door and using an air filter appropriate to the retail unit space (even a simple stand alone) when the street pollution level is high, if staff are to have a long, healthy life.