Climate Week Best Campaign 2012

Research Results on Air Pollution in Shops (that everyone needs to know)

Location_pic.jpgResearch from Imperial College and Kings College London on Regents Street shows that closing the shop door reduces three hazardous components of air pollution by a third. This is very important news for customers and especially staff, who are obliged to spend their working hours in this environment. Why is this important? There were 29,000 deaths across the UK in 2008 from air pollution - 4,300 in London alone - and the number is rising. There are many times that number of related hospital admissions.

Towns and cities across the UK are recognised as being well above air pollution limits set by the EU. Closing the shop door is a simple and important way of reducing exposure in the retail space, while the larger issue of the causal diesel emissions on our streets is resolved.

See the Facts Page on this website for more detail.