Climate Week Best Campaign 2012

Watershed weekend

This weekend is a watershed - many shops have been delaying putting on the heating, due to the late Indian Summer in some parts of the UK, and also due to cost of energy (attention to which should make a difference to door policy too), but the heating time of year has arrived. Time to close doors where possible, support shops which have a good door policy wherever there's a choice, and if customers are feeling brave to ask for a door to be closed before handing over hard earned money - after all wasted energy costs are passed on.

Over the summer period there is little we can do on the high street as people generally relate better to energy waste in the cold season, so our energies since April have gone into head offices (promising developments at Superdrug, Whitbread group, Boots and more); into City councils and BID partnerships - particularly in London where encouragement from the GLA and Westminster CC stands out; we have also been engaging with landlords including British Land. Meanwhile new CtD groups are forming in Lichfield, Camden, Marylebone, City of London.

Thanks for all support from retailers and customers alike. We are working to ensure that many more retailers will join those who already have a responsible door policy - here's an example from the cold season earlier this year.