Climate Week Best Campaign 2012

Westminster Social Policy Forum

westminster_forum_2.gifClose the Door attended the Westminster Social Policy Forum today on the future for town centres: best practice, policy priorities and competing in the digital age. Fascinating ideas about how our towns will function and look in the (near) future, and excellent speakers - including Andy Godfrey of Alliance Boots and the Future High Street Forum who was so helpful in bringing Boots on board for the campaign. The high street is already changing as more sales go online and it's increasingly important to make town retail spaces attractive and easy to use, increasingly combining with click and collect/home delivery. Nothing that Close the Door does not sit excellently with.

Chris Wermann, Director of Corporate Affairs for the Home Retail Group was positive re the campaign, as was Doug Wilson, Head of Property Communications for Asda. Let's see who will back the campaign first. Watch this space.