Climate Week Best Campaign 2012


Close the Door is currently resting. After a decade of working with retailers from the boardrooms of the multi-nationals to small independents and much more, retailers are now well aware of the effects of energy waste and air pollution inside their space. Please be inspired by this business friendly multi-award winning campaign, but if you choose to start up your own work please do not do this under the Close the Door brand. This is to protect the particular work of this campaign.


The facts are clear. Closing your door can:

  • Save money
  • Cut down air pollution hazards
  • Demonstrate environmental responsibility
  • Make customers comfortable
  • Provide healthy working conditions for staff
  • Cut down on shoplifting

Whether you're an independent or a large chain, join some of the most successful high street retailers. We can provide you with help and advice so this doesn't impact footfall or profit, as well as positive publicity through this page, national and local media and our social networks. If you have questions, read our FAQs.

Retailer's introduction


to stop shops heating and cooling the street, and to improve air quality inside


As a consumer, support the shops and restaurants who've joined us or display our logo. Close doors behind you. If you can't, follow our guidelines when you speak to the staff or manager and let us know how it goes. If they won't Close the Door, shop elsewhere. Don't support their energy waste.

Read about us. Show your support by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. If you have some free time, you could join or start a local campaign.

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What we do

  • Directly approach shops, restaurants and national chains, and invite them to join the campaign
  • Give individual retailers, branch managers and head offices the necessary information to help support their decision to join, including information on environmental impact, healthy working conditions for staff and how to ensure footfall is not reduced
  • Supply stickers for doors or windows, allowing consumers to easily recognise and support participating retailers
  • Raise awareness of the issue and provide positive publicity for participating retailers through online, local and national media campaigns
  • Work with local councils and lobby government to change behaviour on the high street
  • Monitor shops and restaurants throughout the year
  • Commission research into the effects of a closed door for businesses