We are a single issue, stand alone and non-political campaign with wide cross party support and we work with retailers to show that a closed door policy will work for their business.

You can show your support by signing up to the Close the Door Facebook page and getting your friends to do the same. The more supporters we have, the louder our voice. You can also follow us on Twitter.

If you want to do more then read the Campaign Guidelines which include help on the points below.

We understand that our business friendly strategy may not suit everyone and ask that those who may want to take a more political or confrontational approach keep distinct by avoiding using our now well recognised name and materials.

If you agree with the guidelines then:

  • Contact the campaign at [email protected] to let us know your plans
  • Download and take round to shops our factsheet, shop door notice and/or sticker template
  • Contact the sustainability officer at your local council to see if they might fund some co-branded door stickers
  • Contact us for leaflets and stickers if required
  • Keep track of shop visits on a spreadsheet
  • Visit shops to politely spread the word
  • Close doors when you leave shops
  • Take some photos of yourself campaigning and post them on the Facebook page (try using a 42.5 x 60cm size card-mounted printout of our poster)
  • Write in a personal capacity to head offices of chain stores (please don’t write under our name as we are managing Close the Door head office relationships centrally and don’t want to confuse or overly annoy influential people at retailers)
  • Get a statement of endorsement from your MP and forward it to the campaign
  • Contact us as you go so that we can give you extra publicity on our Facebook page, Twitter and our news blog

For groups in towns and cities it is possible to have a page on the website and e-mail address once your local campaign is underway.


A number of schools have expressed an interest in helping with the campaign. This can be good for your school in a number of ways, not least helping towards Green Flag status through getting involved with the local community and also as part of coursework. For example, a school in Brighton is campaigning as part of their GCSE in Active Citizenship. If you would like your school to get involved please let us know so that we can offer guidance and support, and help promote your efforts.